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3 Ways to Treat a Finger Hit by a Hammer

 · Whenever you remove the bandages, look for signs of infection in the wound on your finger. Notice if there is any pus, drainage, redness, or heat, especially migrating up from your hand or arm. Also take note if you begin to run a fever, as complications can develop, including infections such as cellulitis, a felon, or other hand infections.

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Cuts and scrapes: First aid

 · Minor cuts and scrapes usually stop bleeding on their own. If needed, apply gentle pressure with a clean bandage or cloth and elevate the wound until bleeding stops. Clean the wound. Rinse the wound with water. Keeping the wound under running tap water will reduce the risk of infection. Wash around the wound with soap.

Crush Injury

What are the symptoms of crush injury of the hand? You will experience very severe and sudden pain following a crush injury to the hand. A crack may have been heard if the force was large enough to cause a fracture or dislocation.You may notice bleeding and bruising if blood vessels have been damaged.Swelling around the site of injury is common and you will have limited movement of the area ...

Treating Traumatic Injuries

When performing first aid on a person with a suspected spine injury, avoid bending, flexing, or twisting the person''s head or neck. If they begin to vomit, stabilize their head and neck by placing both hands on the side of the head and neck and assist them to their side. …

First Aid for Smashed Fingers

 · Learn in-depth first aid information on Smashed Fingers, regarding its causes, signs and symptoms, how to administer, prognosis, and prevention. ... Smashed Fingers are common crush injuries involving one or more than one fingers. It may be caused when the finger(s) is caught between heavy objects, such as a boulder, or gets smashed by a door ...

Head Injury Symptoms & Advice

In this video, a St John Ambulance trainer shows symptoms and signs of a head injury, and gives advice on what to do if someone has suffered a head injury. A...

How to Treat a Smashed Finger

 · Immediate First Aid . Assuming you''ve extricated the finger (this would be step one), there are a few things you can do to alleviate your excruciating pain. Ice it. Use an ice pack to reduce pain and swelling. Keep the ice on it for 15 minutes a couple of times an hour for the first few hours after smashing it. ... American Society for Surgery ...

Pinch grip tools

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Crushed, Bruised or Amputated Fingers

 · Crushed or Bruised Fingers. If fingers are crushed and bruised, but there is no amputation, run the damaged area under cool running water for 10 minutes, then apply a wrapped ice pack, elevate the injured hand and seek medical advice. First Aid for Life provides this information for guidance and it is not in any way a substitute for medical advice.


Mihajlo Lojpur, M.D., Ph.D. - First aid to the injured 3 – mechanical injury - injury to any portion of the body from a blow, crush, cut, or penetrating force (bullet) – thermal injury - injury caused by exposure to excess heat and excess cold sufficient to cause damage to the skin, and possibly deeper tissue

First Aid for Crush Injury

 · First Aid tips for Crush Injuries include: Calling 911 (or your local emergency number) immediately, if: The Crush Injury is a result of a major trauma or motor vehicle accident. There is heavy bleeding from the injury site and mangled body part (s) A head, neck, back, or hip injury is suspected. The end of the limb, finger, or toe, is ...

First-aid treatments of crush injuries after earthquake: 2 ...

First-aid treatments of crush injuries after earthquake: 2 special cases Am J Emerg Med. 2014 Jul;32(7):817.e3-4. doi: 10.1016/j.ajem.2013.12.062. Epub 2014 Jan 8. Authors Xia Zhang 1, Xiaofeng Bai 2, Qing Zhou 3 Affiliations 1 Department of ...

Hand crush

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Crushed Victim | First Aid

DO NOT use a tourniquet for the first aid management of a crush injury. Note: A crushing force which is applied to the head, neck, chest or abdominal area''s can cause death from breathing or heart failure. The crushing force must be removed immediately. GET IN TOUCH. 02 4955 8084.

ISO Warning Signs | ISO 7010 Compliant | MySafetySign

 · ISO Warning Signs specify hazards associated with a particular activity, location, or equipment. Use warning signs in your facility to alert workers and visitors to dangers and steer them away from danger. • ISO warning signs are made using heavy-duty aluminum that resists rusting. 3M digital inks used in the sign prevent fading of your message.

Dealing With Crushing Injuries

 · Crush injuries occur when a part of the body, such as a hand, arm, leg, foot or trunk is squashed. Often there is little visible damage on the outside. But this belies the fact that the damage that has occurred on the inside.

Crush Injuries of the Fingertip

One of the most common injuries that can occur to a child''s hand is a crush injury to a fingertip. This injury can happen if the finger is slammed in a door, stepped on, or if a large object falls on it. The fingertip has many important parts (Picture 1) including the skin, nail, and bone.

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Smashed Finger: Treatment, Recovery, Seeking Help, and More

 · Ice. Very gently apply an ice pack or compress wrapped in a hand towel or cloth to the injured finger for 10-minute intervals with 20-minute breaks, several times daily. Never expose the skin ...

Hand Injuries: Types of Common Injuries & Trauma

 · The goal with injuries to the hand is a rapid and accurate initial evaluation and treatment. In other words, once an injury occurs, the doctor strives to begin medical treatment quickly so the short- and long-term effects on the hand can be minimized. The hand consists of 27 bones (including the 8 bones of the wrist).

Resuscitation Manikins

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Laceration Repair: A Practical Approach

 · The safety and efficacy of epinephrine in hand surgery: a systematic review of the literature and international survey. Eur J Plast Surg. 2014;37(4):183–188. 31. Häfner HM, Röcken M ...

Finger Injuries: Identifying the Severity and Treatment ...

 · Ice the Hand or Finger Injury. Ice the injury for at least 20 minutes. You can soak your child''s hand in a bowl of water with some ice cubes or put water and ice cubes in a plastic baggie (or a bag of frozen berries or veggies works too) and hold this around the fingers or hand. Even if your child protests, it''s probably worth doing to ...

St John guide to first aid for bleeding

Raise if possible. Control any bleeding. 2. Recover the severed part. If possible, gently place it into a plastic bag. Seal the bag with a little air inside to protect the severed part with a ''cushion'' of air. Place the inflated bag into a container or bucket of cold water to which several ice cubes have been added.


First Aid • Cuts: Apply direct pressure to a large or bleeding cut and elevate the hand above the shoulder - Clean a small cut with soap and warm water and cover it with a sterile bandage • Burns: Immerse in cool water or run cool water over the burned area • Broken bones: Keep the hand still and get professional help

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Crush Injury update

 · Crush injury can also result from prolonged pressure to a part of the body due to their own body weight in an immobile person and may show few symptoms or signs. Persons with crush injuries may show symptoms and signs of bleeding (Guideline 9.1.1), shock (Guideline 9.2.3) and hypothermia (Guideline 9.3.3). A person with a crush injury may not ...

Lacerations: Basic First Aid and Professional Treatment

When you have a more serious laceration, our highly trained physicians and nurses at M.D. Express Urgent Care will provide expert care.

Crush injury: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

 · Steps for first aid treatment of a crush injury are: Stop bleeding by applying direct pressure. Cover the area with a wet cloth or bandage. Then, raise the area above the level of the heart, if possible. If there is suspicion of a head, neck, or spinal injury, immobilize those areas if possible and then limit movement to only the crushed area.

Warning: Hand Crush / Pinch Point Hazard

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Crush injuries | National Centre for Farmer Health

 · Crush injuries occur when a part of the body, such as a hand, arm, leg, foot or trunk is trapped, pinched or jammed under or between objects. The pressure can harm skin, muscles, nerves or bone, depending on the degree of force.

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Crush Syndrome

 · Crush syndrome occurs when a person''s body has been compressed for an extended period of time, usually beyond four hours. It takes more than a crushed extremity to develop crush syndrome, typically it occurs when larger areas of the body become trapped such as the legs, pelvic area or chest cavity.

Hand Safety Checklist

Hand Safety Hand Safety Checklist Hazard Identification Have you considered common hand hazards, such as: —Point of operation on machines, which can crush, cut, or amputate fingers and hands? —Power train on machines, which can catch, crush, mangle, or break fingers and hands?

St John guide to first aid for bleeding

Use a sterile or clean bulky pad and apply it firmly with hand pressure. Apply a bandage to keep the dressing in place. ... Crush injury. Background. ... be prepared to give prompt first aid, because removal of the crushing force may cause a sudden collapse or deterioration in the patient''s condition. ...

Broken Hand Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

 · First aid for a broken hand If you think you have a broken hand, see a doctor immediately. But until you can seek medication attention, there are things you can do to care for your hand.