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Midwest Precision Grinding Co.

Midwest Precision Grinding specializes in high quality, precision cylindrical and centerless grinding for materials including tool steel, carbon fiber material, some types of ceramic materials, plastic, chrome and aluminum. Midwest manufactures parts and components for the medical, food, machine building and government markets.

Shaft Machining

Shaft machining has been and integral part of our business for over 8 years. Contact Tulsa Centerless today to see how we could improve your process.

8 Principles of Centerless Grinding

 · In-feed grinding — also called plunge grinding — is used to grind cylindrical parts with notches or complex shapes, such as gear shafts. Here, the workpiece rest blade needs to be tooled to match the shape of the part, and the grinding and regulating wheels must be dressed to match the part''s desired profile cut.

To grind a perfectly round shaft. Hone, cliyndrical or ...

 · Third best is centerless which is principally useful with serial work. Endless grind belts are used on crank shafts and cam shafts, something quite special. 07-01-2021, 12:51 AM #3

Centerless Form Grinder

The PG-9BHD is a hydraulically-driven centerless Form grinding machine designed to form multiple components from rod or preformed parts. Examples of parts ground on this machine include carbon fiber and Teflon® (PTFE) components, golf balls, check valves, drumsticks, deodorant balls, pen nibs, ceramic balls, rubber balls, billiard balls, and more.

Centerless Grinding

Sun Grinding has the largest centerless grinding and bar grinding capabilities in Arizona! This gives us the ability to centerless grind sizes from .015″ up to 6″ in diameter. If you need through feed and infeed parts, we can produce them. If you have or need bars up to 20′ long, we can grind them.

Centerless Grinding Introduction, Advantages, And ...

 · Centerless grinding is the outer diameter grinding process, sometimes we call it OD grinding. Centerless grinding is a process used to remove material from a workpiece and is usually used for operations that must process many parts in a short time.


Centerless grinding is at the heart of Absolute Grinding. It is a cost effective method that provides consistent, close diametrical tolerances under high-production conditions. Grinding time is shorter than other methods of grinding. Set up and cycle times are also faster.

Electric Vehicles

Flexible shaft grinding for Electric Vehicles. In a fast paced, dynamic industry, you need a grinding machine that can meet ever-changing demands. Our machines are engineered with flexibility in mind, to handle a large range of diverse geometries and contours, as well as a variety of shaft sizes.

Precision Straightening Services by Centerless Grinding ...

Centerless Grinding Service offers precision straightened, centerless ground and polished bar stock, along with providing cutting edge grinding services. Toll Free: 800-458-2875 · Local: 770-934-6381 - [email protected]

Acme Centerless Grinding Machines

 · Acme''s Centerless Grinding Finishing Processes. Heavy stock removal for rough O.D. belt grinding can achieve .030" -.060" (0.75mm to 1.5mm) Tolerance grinding/sizing from 3 to 100 feet per minute (FPM) (1.0 to 30.0 meters per minute) Fine polishing and final finishing with surface finishes from 2 to 20 microinches (0.05 to 0.5 microns) ra ...

Aerospace Grinding Applications | Glebar

Designed for grinding small diameter components, it accurately controls their length and perpendicularity. In a recent aerospace component case study, composite strip material (insulation) was successfully ground from spool to spool. The machine''s tractor feed extractor and 10" grinding wheels were instrumental in making this happen.


 · In a centerless grinding machine having a grinding wheel and a regulating wheel, the combination of means for supporting one of said wheels for relative movement toward and from the other wheel, means for positioning work between the wheels, a rotatable shaft for actuating said work positioning means and said oscillatable support simultaneously and a micrometrically adjustable …

Sewage Pump Problems, How Centerless Grinding Solve It

 · Yet, when sewage systems start getting faulty, immediate attention and restoration is commonly the answer of most but only few realize that the key towards efficient sewage systems is ensuring right from the start the pump shaft quality of sewage pumps through excellent centerless grinding services and maintaining the exceptional pipework.

The Basic Guide to a Linear Shaft

 · Our state-of-the-art 5-Axis CNC machining, centerless grinding, milling, and lathes allow us to provide low-volume manufacturing services as well as mass production of linear shafts. We work with any pure or alloy materials, composite materials, and different types of appropriate plastics.

How Centerless Grinding Improves Custom Parts Manufacturing

 · Centerless grinding has a three-point positioning method that makes it possible to grind parts to custom sizes and shapes. For grinding custom steel pieces, centerless grinding is perfect for keeping the workpiece intact during the abrasive metal removal to …

How to do Centerless grinding for gear shaft

The 303SS gearshaft which we produced for famous customer German EBMPAPST,who are experts in getting engines, aerodynamics and electronics to blend together...

Precision Grinding

Read our Design for Manufacture case study on the Gizmotron Shaft, featured in Modern Machine Shop! Precision Grinding. Components having complex geometries or featural relationships which cannot be managed by the centerless grinding process lend themselves well to precision CNC ID/OD grinding, although, given its broader scope of set up, is ...

''Pain-Free'' Precision with Centerless Grinding

The KRONOS S 125 centerless grinder from Mikrosa (United Grinding) offers high-precision grinding for small workpieces. It has a working range of 0.5–30 mm, plunge length up to 120 mm, a Granitan composite machine bed, and cross-slide systems for grinding and regulating wheels.

Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding has been a core of our business for over 60 years. Precision centerless grinding is a tough skill to master, but our team has developed proven processes that allow them to excel. We have a dedicated and experienced group of supervisors and mentors that empower their team members to strive to improve results every day.

Minnesota Grinding

Minnesota Grinding, Inc. is a precision grinding job shop, providing close tolerance and superior surface finishes on a variety of materials. Call us today at (763) 535-4445 for more details.

Centerless Grinding Services for Erie,PA,

At Ace Roll & Shaft, we have the equipment and specialized tools to handle your needs. We handle CNC grinding with a higher speed and accuracy than other firms can promise. Our precision grinding machines maximize surface quality and throughput on all CNC applications. Trust us for cylindrical grinding and centerless grinding services.


Oban also closely manages every aspect of the shaft manufacturing process to ensure that there are no errors. Graphite pre-preg materials are thoroughly inspected, exacting controls verify weight and flex, and centerless grinding ensures strict shape and diameter tolerances are maintained.


Beyond exotic materials and proprietary designs, OBAN meticulously manages every aspect of the shaft manufacturing process. Graphite pre-preg materials are thoroughly inspected, exacting controls verify weight and flex, and centerless grinding ensures strict shape and diameter tolerances are maintained.


Cold finish and Precision ground Tolerances. Cold finish and centerless ground bar have the same diameter tolerances, depending on size and standard commercial straightness tolerance.. Screw Machine Quality (SMQ) bar have tight diameter tolerances usually .0002" ---.0005" with, sometimes ovality tolerances as well. Commercial straightness apply. Precision Ground bar is always a +/-.0005 ...

Centerless Grinding of Machined Components | Pioneer ...

 · In Centerless grinding, the grinding wheel is stationary. The part moves through the machine and past the grinding wheel, which removes the material from the part. This process is used when the part can not have centers added to the ends of the component. Pioneer Service has in-house capabilities for centerless grinding.

Composites Grinding

Angle, centerless, fine, flat, high speed, precision, taper and wet CNC composite grinding services. Capable of grinding parts with +/-0.0001 in. tolerance and 0.2 Ra surface finish. Serves the aerospace, automation, construction, food production, marine, medical, mining and other industries. Emergency and rush services available.


What is centerless grinding? Centerless grinding is a process that removes the outside surface of a round part or component by feeding the workpiece between two wheels. As there is no need to use a chuck or clamp, this is a fast process that is ideal for both short and long parts. What are your centerless grinding capacities?

Centerless Grinding Machine for long shaft workpiece ...

The grinding wheel is a cantilever type structure, and the grinding wheel spindle adopts a multi-plate type long-axis moving pressure oil film bearing. The regulating wheel is a double-support structure, and the adopts a multi-piece short-shaft dynamic pressure oil film bearing. The feed guide of the guide wheel adopts a flat V type slide guide.

How It Works – Centerless Grinding

 · Here is how centerless grinding works. According to Today''s Machining World: "how to make round bar rounder "It seems everything is round at Boston Centerless, a provider of ground stock and grinding services in Woburn, MA. The radius on the front corner of the building gleams metallic in the morning sun. A disk-shaped roof supported […]

Blue Streak Grinding Overview

Key words: "Precision grinding" Aerospace ID OD Centerless AS9100 AS9000 ISO9001 Machining Grinding "Exotic Alloys" CNC Contour "Thread Grinding" "Close tolerance" Cylinder "Cylindrical grinding" "Surface grinding" Ceramic Steel Titanium "Metal spray" Chrome Nickel Plating Shaft Rod Bearing Turbine Assembly Exhaust Collector Trunnion Electromagnet Magnetic Actuator ...

Automotive Grinder Manufacturers | Automotive Centerless ...

Composite Grinding Applications; Metal Grinding ... To devise a new process for an automotive component manufacturer to automatically grind and gauge pinion shafts for differentials. The shafts are made of hardened steel. ... the GT‐610 CNC High Precision Automated Infeed/Thrufeed Centerless Grinding System excels at grinding a wide range of ...

Welcome to RPM Centerless Grinding

RPM Centerless Grinding is committed to quality as a basic business principal. We believe Quality means providing our customers with products and services that satisfy or exceed their expectations, holding stringent tolerances for critical application products as well as those for basic commercial use.

Types of Centerless Grinding | Forte Precision Metals, Inc.

 · Types of Centerless Grinding. Through-feed. For round bars and parts, through-feed centerless grinding is used. Typically applicable in the process are long bars (e.g. six to twelve feet long and more). It feeds into the regulating wheel and the grinding wheel. It enters the other side and flies out of the opposite side.

Grinding Machine Guide | Okuma CNC Machines

Grinding is an abrasive process that makes chips by ripping away bits of material using a grinding wheel that breaks apart as it removes material. Grinding wheels are disc shaped with a hole in the center for attaching the wheel to a rotating spindle (read more about grinding wheels in the section below).

Shaft, Shaft Grinding Machine

Category: Ball screw/guide rod; Machine: Plunge Cylindrical Grinding Machine (JHP series), SHAFT GRINDING MACHINE, Shaft Grinder Machines, Flexible Shaft Grinder manufacturer Taiwan.

Centerless grinding is often viewed as overly complex, but ...

centerless grinding provides a more rigid system, enabling more efficient and ac-curate grinding compared to grinding between centers. "If you''re trying to grind a ¼"-dia. bar between centers, it''s very difficult because the bar wants to move and flex," Schram said. "In cen-terless grinding…